What’s Changed for Our Customers? The Pandemic Power Pivot

For so many businesses, one of the potentially brutal but high-octane upsides of this pandemic is that everything is on the table.  It’s a time when we strip it all down to the essentials, and get Real.  With fresh focus and rational fear, leaders and their workforces worldwide are asking the most fundamental [...]

The Pandemic Opportunity—Build Your Dream Team

Use the Real Deal, to Hire the real deal. Who says you can’t produce your brightest results—improve productivity, engagement, performance, innovation, and enjoyment— during the darkest times? Sure, the new world of work is rife with challenges and opportunities. Some people Quit, most Camp, and a rare few Climb. There’s one tool that can help [...]

How to Bust Through Zoom Gloom!

So, how enthralled, engaged, and energized was everyone on your last video call or webinar? Did you look at those faces? How can you, or anyone, reignite virtually any virtual team? The team mojo sinkhole happened so fast. Isn’t it just insane? What started as the hottest trend (“Zoom Boom!”), has, in a matter of [...]

The Real Deal: Business Impact—Personal Impact—Top Line Revenue

Relationships. Connections. Values. Hiring. Onboarding. Performance management. Family. Teambuilding.The moment the Real Deal became, well, the real deal to me, was when one of the top five global insurance companies pulled the trigger, providing one Real Deal deck to every single employee—70,000 individuals across five continents—as a way to fuel a deep cultural upgrade. They [...]

The Real Deal: What’s Your High-Tech High-Touch Pandemic Solution?

"I just ache. (Pause. Breath.) I ache for my team, my family, my friends...for everyone!" This was the tearful response of a beloved colleague, client, and now friend, when asked "So tell me honestly, how're you doing these days?" I sure feel it. Don't you? For many of us, the hardest part of this [...]

Achieving PEAK Adaptability®—Why It’s Game Time for GRIT, AQ, and the Real Deal

Right now, and for the past several months, the majority of the world has been in the period of reactive adaptability. This means that most of us adapt either reluctantly or compliantly. We go along with various changes in our situation and related policy/procedures, because we have to. But there is a higher opportunity. A [...]

Your Personal Pandemic Re-Set Moment—What’s Your Real Deal?

My eyes welled up with tears, unexpectedly, last night when I saw the faces of the roughly 500 people, across six continents, who were joining me for my live webinar on “PEAK Adaptability.” See, I had read their pre-session survey results, and people reported that, on average, for 91% of their days they suffered a [...]



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