PEAK rises above the rest.  
Founded in 1987 by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, PEAK has emerged as an exemplary global team of top thinkers, pioneering researchers, first-rate practitioners, and select strategic partners–who all share in its quest.
PEAK rises above the rest.  
Founded in 1987 by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, PEAK has emerged as an exemplary global team of top thinkers, pioneering researchers, first-rate practitioners, and select strategic partners–who all share in its quest.

What We Do

Can PEAK help us with:

Leadership, performance, productivity, innovation, agility, resilience, grit, health, energy, retention, equity, talent, diversity, pace, problem solving, inclusivity, optimism, culture, ambition, capacity, capability?

Our Obsession:

Measuring what matters. Creating the most robust metrics and assessments for optimal impact.  

Equipping you—your team, community, organization—with the most robust tools and proven principles in existence to tackle the tough stuff, to take on and achieve your most worthy goals.

What We Bring:

Distinction. Strength. Durability. Results. One-of-a-kind array of science-grounded, ultra-practical and portable “storm tested” Tools, Measures, Methods, Programs, Products, and Insights.

How We Bring It:

Ultimate Agility: Digital. Live. Hybrid.
Dignity Driven: Inclusive. Equitable. Diverse.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Permanent gains in: Performance, productivity, energy, morale, culture, ambition, accomplishment, capability, pace, innovation, health, optimism, retention, relationships, stamina, character, wealth, possibilities, and results.

PEAK Mission
To invent, test, grow, and apply the most robust, scientifically-grounded tools and principles in existence so we can be—and help others to be—Ever-Better.
PEAK Vision
To be the undisputed preeminent equipper for humankind to tackle its gnarliest challenges and most noble causes with unprecedented resilience, GRIT, character, and success.
PEAK Values
To contribute ever-more and become Ever-Better. To think, act, solve and address adversity head-on in ever-more profound ways. To live and lead with our own stuff. To inspire and elevate others.

Positive Dissatisfaction—We murder mediocre.  

“Good enough” doesn’t exist. In all that we are and do, we can, we must contribute more. We must be Ever-Better.

Whole world, Whole person—It’s how we must think, act, solve.  

Everything external and internal is interconnected in ever-more profound ways.

Live Our Stuff.  

Lead it.  Live it. Be it, so others can too.

Elevation Matters.

Fight gravity. Rise up. Pursue the highest, noblest causes with the upmost character, and help others do the same.

Obsessive Practicality.  

Sure, we’re scientists. But, let’s face it.  If it doesn’t workand create some serious goodwhat’s the point? 

Who We Are

We stir up good trouble, challenge the status quo, and elevate both intentions and results.

Meet The Team

Paul G. Stoltz, PhD
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, author of five best-selling books, is the world’s leading expert on measuring and strengthening human resilience.

As Director of the Global Resilience and GRIT Institutes, Dr. Stoltz oversees a research agenda in 43 countries dedicated to exploring, expanding, and advancing the applications of AQ and GRIT to strengthen people and their organizations. His research partners have included top thinkers at Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Harvard, and more than a dozen universities overseas. READ MORE…

Ronda Beaman, EdD
Chief Creative Officer

Dr. Ronda Beaman serves as the creative force behind much of PEAK’s ongoing innovation. She is also a Clinical Professor at The Orfalea College of Business, California Polytechnic University. Additionally, Dr. Beaman serves on the Board of Directors for the United States National Pay It Forward Foundation.

Dr. Beaman is an internationally recognized expert on leadership, resilience, health and wellness, education, and coaching. She has conducted research in a host of areas. READ MORE…

Jeff Thompson, EdD

For the past 20 years, Dr. Jeff Thompson has co-developed the AQ theory, products, programs, and methodology currently used by industry-leading companies worldwide.

Dr. Thompson collaborates with client teams to create a new breed of transformational programs and conferences that are compelling, inspiring, learning-rich, and memorable. Some of his top clients regularly outsource their creative conference design and much of the delivery exclusively to him. READ MORE…

Katie Martin
Base Camp Coordinator

Katie has been vital to PEAK’s operations for 17 years, and she is exceptionally warm, responsive, resilient, and gritty in delivering our best to you.

Christopher Smith
Global Accounts

Chris collaborates with our team, partners, clients, and soon-to be clients, to bring PEAK’s work to more people.  He earned a Masters with Distinction from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

Tina Miller
Global Leader

of Special Projects

Tina Miller serves as Global Project Lead on PEAK’s most important strategic developments, innovations, research efforts, partnerships, and more.

Julie Sullivan Brace

Julie is PEAK’s decades-long, beloved expert on building distinctive, high-impact learning materials, graphic design, web design, digital strategy, and more.

James Hart

James, as PEAK’s CTO, heads up all things tech in PEAK’s world.  He has been and remains instrumental in every assessment, solution, tool, and service PEAK serves up in the digital world.  

Billie-Jo Grant

Billie-Jo holds a PhD in Educational Research, Statistics and Evaluation. Dr. Grant heads up all advanced independent statistical analysis for PEAK’s ongoing, rigorous, global research agenda.  


Monica Johnson
Optimal Business Solutions, Inc.

Monica Johnson is the President and CEO of Optimal Business Solutions, Inc., a consulting and training firm in San Jose, California. Not only has Monica been an active researcher in the area of human resilience for almost 20 years, but she is also a contributing researcher for the Global Resilience Institute. With extensive experience in corporate sales, sales management, and business development, she has worked with many Fortune 500 and high-tech businesses in the Silicon Valley. She is also a Behavioral Health Education Instructor for Kaiser Permanente, where she teaches classes such as “Pathways to Stress Reduction,” “Couples Communication”, “Overcoming Depression,” and “Couples Communication for New and Expecting Parents.”

Michael Pimental
Fairlead Coaching

Michael has been a Senior AQ Facilitator with PEAK Learning, Inc., since 2007. His AQ client list includes corporate executives, corporate teams, public school administrators, and nonprofit directors. Michael is President of Fairlead Coaching, an LLC dedicated to assisting companies develop sales teams, managers, and presentations. He has provided dynamic top-tier management coaching, sales call coaching, presentation coaching, and professional image coaching to individuals, corporate sales teams, and executives. Michael’s experiences include 25 years as a sales representative for a Fortune 500 company. He served as sales trainer, mentor, and sales coach for much of his career. His sales career was distinguished by numerous district, regional, divisional, and national awards. His contributions included creative and impactful presentations that were adopted throughout the national sales force. 

Michael holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. He has served his community through leadership positions on multiple boards and commissions. He currently serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, where he advocates on behalf of children declared dependent upon the Court.

PEAK Measures Itself On The 3 Ps


Who are we reaching, affecting, bettering? How do we reach even more, even better?


Positive, meaningful, and enduring change. How do we make our impact even more positive, more meaningful, more enduring?  


How well do we fund the flywheel of Ever-Better improvement and impact?

PEAK Evolution

PEAK  Learning, Inc. PEAK
Learning, Inc.
The Spark:  1979 The Spark:
The  Launch The
The  Breakthrough The
The  Measure The
Independent  Analysis Independent
The  Program The
Harvard  Goes AQ Harvard
Goes AQ
The  World The
GRIT  Unearthed GRIT
GRIT Expands  and Intensifies GRIT Expands
and Intensifies
Mindset Book  Hits #1 Mindset Book
Hits #1
Carnegie Mellon  AQ Advantage Carnegie Mellon
AQ Advantage
GRIT  2.0 Released GRIT
2.0 Released
Employers Pick  GRIT #1 Employers Pick
MIT Embraces  AQ/GRIT MIT Embraces
GRIT (the book)  is released GRIT (the book)
is released
Student GRIT  Launched Student GRIT
AQ/GRIT for  Global Good AQ/GRIT for
Global Good

Learning, Inc.

From the beginning
to today.

The Spark:

“Who prevails?”
AQ research begins…


1987 PEAK Learning Inc., launched
First clients:  Honeywell and Deloitte.


The response is everything.


What’s Your AQ?
AQ Profile version 1.3 launched. AQ Profile proves rock solid.


The AQ Profile proves exceptionally
valid, reliable, predictive.


Ready to grow some AQ?
Studies show significant AQ gains that stick.

Goes AQ

HBS chooses AQ for MBA and
Executive Education Programs.


AQ goes global.
More than 1M individuals, 137 countries…and counting.


First global GRIT study, 800 employers,
reveals GRIT in Top 10 factors.

GRIT Expands
and Intensifies

GRIT rises to #3 on employer priorities.
Research expands to 5284 employers; 500,000 data sets.

Mindset Book
Hits #1

Put Your Mindset to Work
#1 NY Times, Amazon, USA Today

Carnegie Mellon
AQ Advantage

Top Global Leaders Program
makes AQ a centerpoint.

2.0 Released

Upgrade measures Quality and Quantity of GRIT.
First ever.

Employers Pick

50,000 employers pick GRIT as #1 priority.
97.2% would pick superior GRIT over perfect qualifications.

MIT Embraces

As “the entrepreneurial mindset,”
validating AQ and GRIT as a screening instrument.

GRIT (the book)
is released

First methodology to define, measure,
and grow comprehensive GRIT 2.0.

Student GRIT

Global partnership with Pearson to
bring GRIT to all areas of higher education.

Global Good

How the most promising solar, water, food, energy, and leadership “transformers”
are shaping their culture, taking on the world’s gnarliest challenges.