Groups typically experience an 11–23% improvement in AQ after completing our programs. The post-session 90-day SkillBuilders ascent makes sure these changes last.

100 Day Ascent

Making It Stick

What you can expect:

Our 100 day ascent includes a pre-program survey, the live session, and 90-day post-program virtual reinforcement challenge.


How relevant are AQ programs to life and work?

Relevance and reinforcement make all the difference.  Our 1/2, one-day, and two-day live programs begin with a simple, quick pre-survey and assessment for optimal relevance and impact.  The live session leads to real commitment to apply new tools in powerful ways.  That’s just the start.  

Each offers a 90-day, post-session virtual mountain climb, with ascending, weekly 3-minute, 3-step reinforcement challenges, culminating in a “summit” assessment, with immediate comparative (individual and composite) results. 

1: Pre-Session Survey

Two weeks prior to the AQ Session, attendees complete a 2–4 minute online survey regarding their biggest challenges and the resulting effect on themselves and others. This data is compiled and used prior to, as well as during, the session to customize our approach to your specific group.

2: The AQ Session

Held in a classroom, our interactive, engaging sessions give participants the tools required to understand, assess, and strengthen their AQs, resilience, and overall effectiveness.

3: The AQ SkillBuilders Reinforcement Challenge

Since even the best training can die without reinforcement, the AQ program combines the best of interactive classroom engagement with the most proven e-learning.

The climb continues. For 90 days following the session, participants engage in a virtual ascent, or mountain climb, called the AQ SkillBuilders™. Three steps in 3 minutes is all it takes for them to “Reinforce It. Apply It. Live It.” This tool delivers weekly, interactive challenges online and prompts participants to apply what they learned as they ascend through ten “camps.”

The climb culminates at the summit, where participants re-measure their AQs and receive immediate, comparative, customized video feedback and a PDF report outlining their gains, profiles, and remaining opportunities for growth.

“Lead climbers” may receive their individual and group-level reports indicating the measurable gains and specific recommendations for gaining greater resilience into the future.

SkillBuilders Example
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4: The Results

Improvements stick for those who complete the AQ 100-Day Ascent. Teams tracked over 10 years show big gains, and no drop in AQ. 

More important than the numbers can be the rich enhancements in behaviors and results. Improved performance, innovation, agility, problem solving, resilience, health, energy, productivity, engagement, goal completion, and overall results tend to be individually and collectively transformative.