AQ Studies:
ADC Telecommunications

  • Sample
    237 sales professionals across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America

  • AQ improves morale, gets people back on course rapidly to move forward in the areas in which they view a sense of control and impact.
    –Phillip R. Styrlund
    Global Vice President of Sales
    ADC Telecommunications


This study examined the predictive strength and overall influence of AQ regarding performance, morale, and retention in a highly volatile, extremely demanding global business.

ADC Telecommunications was facing unprecedented challenges in the global telecom market. The company hired PEAK Learning to assess and strengthen the AQ of its global sales force. ADC’s goal was to determine the potential predictive strength and, ultimately, the effect AQ could have on its people. This longitudinal study tracked sales professionals over 3 years, with a particular focus on the ADC Global Sales Team, because of its size and strategic importance to the business.


Retention: Predicted, desirable retention improved 74%.

Sales Performance: The ADC Global Sales Team rose from “moderate performer” to win the Chairman’s Award for Top Sales Team of the Year. Sales rose from below quota (before program) to 230% and 147% of quota in succeeding years.

Attrition: One’s reported intention to leave the job within 6 months—dropped from 73% to 19% of the entire sales organization, a significant reduction


Year 1: The ADC Global Sales Team is rated “Moderate Performers” by the Global VP of Sales

Year 2: The ADC Global Sales Team surpasses quota by 230%, so quota is doubled for Year 3.

Year 3: The ADC Global Sales Team surpasses quota by 147%, and is voted Top Sales Team of the Year.