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What is GRIT | Grit vs. GRITWhat is GRIT | Grit vs. GRIT
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The Grit Institute

The GRIT Institute is an independent, worldwide, organically growing consortium of scholars, professionals, leaders, and learners interested in exploring and expanding the applications and implications of GRIT across an endless array of contexts and cultures. 

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GRITNew research reveals a powerful difference between “grit” and GRIT.

Grit 1.0 vs. GRIT 2.0 — The Upgrade

Basic grit — grit 1.0 — asks, “How much?” It's about quantity, or how much effort and persistence a person shows.

GRIT™ 2.0, on the other hand, asks “How much?” and “How well?” It’s the only construct that decodes the vital blend of quality and quantity. Unlike grit 1.0, it looks at:

  • GRIT on three axes — bad to good, dumb to smart, and weak to strong
  • GRIT across four dimensions — Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity
  • Your balance of GRIT across four capacities — emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual
  • Where you invest your GRIT: home, work, school, money, relationships, community, and other
  • How GRIT impacts ascending levels — individual, relational, team, organizational, and societal

GRIT also assesses Robustness, or the long-term wear and tear one’s efforts tend to create.