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“Dr. Paul Stoltz and his team delivered the finest, most practical, and most original presentations, programs, and coaching I have ever experienced. They genuinely transform businesses and change lives. We will definitely be using them again and again in the years to come.” —Chris Powell, EVP, Human Resources, Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.

AQ (Adversity Quotient) for OrganizationsAQ keynote presentations offered by PEAK Learning: Sample Topics
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AQAQ predicts performance, improvement, health, innovation, problem solving, sales, “promotability,” optimism, and overall resilience.

Sample Keynote Topics

AQ: The Adversity Advantage

Our signature keynote address gives a compelling overview of Adversity Quotient® (AQ®). We describe how AQ drives performance, resilience, and success, and we discuss how to begin strengthening AQ to thrive on adversity. Highly tailored to each group, participants leave with tools they can use immediately to tackle their next challenge and optimize their next opportunity.

Leading through Adversity

It is through adversity that leadership shines forth. Demanding times call for leaders with exceptional fortitude, tenacity, and resolve. This keynote address draws from dramatic examples of how great leaders across the ages, world, and industries use AQ to lead through adversity and unleash the greatness in others.

AQ Unleashed—Resilient Sales and Service

Imagine how a more resilient sales and service organization could drive your results! When it comes to selling, skills and personality are no longer enough. AQ predicts sales performance and retention across industries and countries. This keynote address reveals to sales people and executives what it really takes to achieve and sustain top performance, even in the most difficult circumstances. People gain tools that they can use to surmount their obstacles with renewed focus and vigor.

Creating Resilient Teams

Resilient teams thrive on challenges and deliver superior performance. Resilient teams are at their best when times are tough. They rise to challenges and are inspired by seemingly insurmountable odds and daunting obstacles. They are the ones that get things done when others cannot. This keynote address provides practical insight into what it takes to form and grow a high-performance, resilient team.

The Invincible Investor

Tailored to the financial services market, the Invincible Investor® keynote introduces the landmark science and practice of investor resilience. In a time of tremendous volatility and uncertainty, investors and their advisors need new tools to protect and grow what matters most, no matter what. This keynote presentation introduces a whole new way to think and talk about how we relate to money in our lives.

Creating the Resilient Workforce

How would it affect your business if people could be measurably more resilient? For those who shape the workforce in any way, this keynote presentation draws from leading science on AQ and resilience. It introduces practical, new methods for transforming your current workforce into one that can not only withstand any setback or challenge but also bounce back and benefit from such situations.

Hiring Resilient People

PEAK offers the #1 tool in the world for assessing any job applicant’s resilience and overall AQ. In a poll of 1,264 employers, when asked if they would hire for skill set or mindset, 96 percent chose mindset. The AQ Profile can help you gauge and hire the right mindset for every hiring decision. This keynote draws from the science of AQ and reveals simple steps for quickly identifying those who will deliver superior results in demanding circumstances.