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AQPEAK Learning uses Adversity Quotient to help create profound changes in supervisors at a major call center.


My name is Jeff Cooper and I am Director of Customer Care for our Boise call center. I support 100 supervisors at our site and we all recently went through our second session of AQ with Dr. Paul Stoltz.

As I’m sure you are aware, DIRECTV has made a substantial investment in Dr. Paul Stoltz’s firm PEAK Learning and their AQ training program. Paul asked me to communicate to you in frank and clear terms specifically what benefits we have seen from this program. Although it is difficult to quantify specific improvements from a metric perspective, I feel we have made significant gains in several qualitative areas, which I have outlined below.

Here are just some of the ways AQ has impacted my team:

  • Improved engagement
  • Ongoing use of the AQ language and tools to solve problems better and faster
  • Higher energy and more positive response to change
  • More personal accountability
  • More of a possibility mindset
  • Improved resilience

I trust these kinds of results will prove as compelling to you as they have been to me and my team. We continue to invest in AQ as the results continue to improve, benefiting our customer and our people in countless ways.