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AQA leading worldwide hospitality chain uses AQ to discover the key element in its marketing / sales results.

Starwood Vacation Ownership


A true sales predictor would have tremendous performance, cost, and bottom-line implications for Starwood Vacation Ownership. Consequently, the company conducted an internal analysis and counted 26 factors that might affect sales performance. One of these factors was Adversity Quotient® or AQ®.

This independent study examined the relationship between AQ and Starwood’s primary performance indicator — volume per guest (VPG) — for its sales and marketing staff.


Despite the resulting complexity in predicting and potentially influencing VPG, AQ turned out to be a robust predictor of this performance metric for both sales and marketing.

  • There is a positive, statistically significant correlation between AQ and VPG across the population.
  • For sales, those in the top quartile of AQs sell 43 percent more than those in the bottom quartile of AQs, on average.
  • For marketing, those in the top quartile of AQs sell 30 percent more than those in the bottom quartile of AQs, on average.
  • AQ and mean AQ varied significantly across portals.
  • AQ accounts for about 12 percent of the median VPG across the sales portals, a substantial value.
  • The Reach dimension was most predictive for sales VPG.
  • The Control dimension was most predictive for marketing VPG.
  • As is typical for a sales-related function, the average AQ of this group (160) was substantially above the global average from all functions (147.5 for version 6.0) but not as high as some top- performing sales groups (mid 170s).