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MP Water Resources


MP Water Resources has branches in 11 states, including Florida, where it is the largest water utility. Leaders had their AQs measured and then received training to enhance their AQ and performance.

Three follow-up measures of AQ were conducted. Each person was rated by his or her supervisor on performance on a scale of 1–10, with 10 being the highest. The initial AQ training was 1.5 days. The Phase 2 training, 6 months later, lasted a half day.


AQ correlated with — and predicted — performance at MP Water Resources.

Mean AQ Score Phase
132 Initial Scores
154 One
172 Two
Mean AQ Score Performance Rating
142 9-10
136 8
129 6
124 6 or less

“I have witnessed a fundamental improvement in how my people deal with challenges, setbacks, and adversity. As my company has been besieged with record rainfalls, droughts, and statewide fires, the AQ training has not only visibly strengthened our people, it has dramatically impacted the bottom line.” —Chief Executive Officer

“I have seen a significant shift in people’s mindsets, a willingness to step up to challenges, readiness to take ownership, and a propensity toward decisive action. I continue to seek meaningful ways to integrate AQ deeper in the MP Water Resources culture.” —Human Resources