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AQAQ scores correlate to the performance of 450 employees, providing a better way to grow a workforce.

Diversified Collection Services, Inc.


At DCS, the largest loan collection agency in the U.S., performance is measured by collection percentage/cents on the dollar collected per contract. DCS wanted to explore to what extent AQ predicted performance. It created a rating system for employees, rating each person from 1–4 on overall performance, based on some tight definitions for each category. Top performers were assigned a “1”; the lowest performers were rated as “4.”


Mean AQ Score Performance Rating
164 1
157 2
150 3

AQ predicted performance at DCS, with top performers having statistically higher AQs than lower performers.

The following correlation was found between AQ in the top three performance categories.

DCS believes that AQ has greater relevance and validity than its current psychological measures used in hiring. As a result, it has replaced existing instruments with the AQ Profile as it begins to grow its workforce.