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“... the finest, most practical, and most original presentations, programs, and coaching I have ever experienced.” —Chris Powell, EVP, Human Resources, Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.

“Next to unconditional love, the one gift I would give my children — over and above IQ, good looks, physical prowess, etc. — would be AQ, or resilience — the ability to respond effectively to adversity in our lives.” —Dr. Scott A. Snook, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

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News from PEAK Learning

Put Your Mindset to Work - a #1 Best Seller!
  • A #1 New York Times, USA Today, Barnes & Noble best seller: Dr. Stoltz's latest book, Put Your Mindset to Work soared to the top of the charts both in the US and UK. Click here to order it now or visit the web site to learn more.
  • Put Your Mindset to Work won one of the Chartered Management Institutes "Commuter Book of the Year" awards (among others) in the UK, where it was recently re-released, and printed in Germany, due to popular demand. Learn more
  • Put Your Mindset to Work was also #1 on USA Today’s list of Money Best Sellers.
  • HR Magazine named Dr. Paul G. Stoltz one of the “Top 10 Influential Thinkers” of 2010 in the International category.
  • The Harvard Business Review recently launched a blog — The Conversation — featuring Dr. Paul G. Stoltz. Read his article, “When Adversity Strikes, What Do You Do?

What can AQ do for you?

AQ®, or Adversity Quotient®, is the science of human resilience. People who successfully apply AQ perform optimally in the face of adversity — the challenges that confront us each day. A high-AQ workforce translates to increased capacity, productivity, and innovation, as well as lower attrition and higher retention. AQ has helped many companies improve customer service and sales, strengthen morale, develop resilient leaders, create high-performing teams, and hire high-performing people.